Antoinne Capelle

Country: France in Britany 
Bow Class: Recurve / Olympic 
Your greatest achievements in archery: in 2019 I win the France national tournament (70meters). 55eme in the international indoor nines archery 2021. 4 consecutive selection for France national tournament, 2019,2021,2022,2023. 
What do you like about archery: I like practice, this is a wonderful sport including technical part, minding part and equipment part. It’s the better sport to empty my brain and canalise my spirit. 
What DK products do you use? I use Gungnir arrows for outdoor field season. I hope I will test some of other products you made. 
What do you like about it/why did you decide to use DK? What you like most? I really like the quality, the regularity and the precision of these arrows. They are really lightweight, it is really interesting for field archery. I'm very happy to use and represent a brand like DK, which is a small company offering quality products. 
How long do you shoot? I shoot since 2000 so 24 years. 
Fun Fact about you: 
1) I think everybody like shoot with me in training and tournaments because I always shoot with smile and pleasure. I am a joker who jokes all the time. 
2) I learned German langage during 8 years but I forgot everything, last time I meet a German people I said : hallo euuuuuuu do you speak English ? 😅