Trudy Dryden
Country: Canada
Bow Class: Senior Instinctive traditional
Your greatest achievements in archery: Winning a Bronze medal in the individual category at the 2019 3D World Championship and a Silver in the Team Event. I am the first Canadian to win 2 medals at a 3D World Championship. In 2022 I placed 5th at the 3D World Championship
What do you like about archery: I enjoy the challenge and the people I meet. I have made many friends all over the world. I enjoy the social part as well as the competitive part. As much as I like shooting arrows, I also like to help other archers improve their skill.
What DK products do you use?  I use a 21" ILF riser with medium fenrier limbs and 700 spine panther arrows and points and inserts
What do you like about it/why did you decide to use DK? What you like most? I decided to use DK after a friend of mine commented on the riser weight and quality of workmanship. He was not wrong. The fine detail is impressive. I like the weight, the looks and flat grip on the riser. The limbs are smooth-drawing, fast and casts a flat shooting arrow.
How long do you shoot? I have been shooting for over 30 years. I started out with a compound bow, then transitioned to a longbow and now I am  shooting a recurve bow in the instinctive traditional category. I have been shooting in this category for the past 7 years. I have won many national and provincial championships and at local club shoots
Fun Fact about you: I am a very adventurous spirit. I am willing to try most anything.
Other facts: Over the years I have volunteered many hours with archery and continue to do so. Currently I am chairing the committee hosting the 2024 Canadian Outdoor Archery Championships in New Brunswick Canada, I am treasurer for Archery New Brunswick and I am a member of Archery Canada's Event Committee
2019 Dorothy Lidstone Female Athlete of the Year Award
2019 Peter Garrett 3D Archery Award for 2019 World Championship Silver Medal - Team
2019 Outdoor 3D Grand Prix Award Women's Traditional
2022 Peter Garrett Female Athlete of the Year Award