Stine Åséll

Name: Stine Åséll

Country: Sweden

Bow class: Barebow

Started archery: 2010

Fun fact: I found archery thanks to the american actress Geena Davis and wild Orca’s in the northern of Norway.

What do I like about archery: Foremost the unique and inspiring community that archery stands for, that makes it more like a way of living than a sport or hobby.

What DK products do I use: I use Gungnir arrows 900 spine and Fenrir limbs 66” 38#.

Why I decided to use DK equipment: I tried them by recommendation and really liked them from the start, so there was really nothing to think twice about. It is first class products.

What do I like about it: I really like the firm but smooth draw feeling of the limbs. For Gungnir it is the lightness and speed that I like the most.

Greatest achievments:

World Championships

2 Individual silver medals in 3D (Canada 2019, Terni 2015)

1 Mixed team gold medal in 3D (Terni 2022)

1 Team silver medal in 3D (Terni 2022)

 European Championships

1 Individual gold medal in 3D (Slovenia 2021)

1 Team gold medal in 3D (Slovenia 2016)