Olivia Elamsson


Competed in Barebow for a couple years but have recently switched to Compound

My World Record in 50m double round with 1151 points. My two Silver medals from the European Field Championships in the Junior division. As a senior I got to the top 10 at the 3D World Championship in Terni and 7th place at the European Field Championship in Cesana. 

I like archery because it's such a social sport even though you shoot individually. Most archers are very kind and helpful even to their own competitors which I don't think is common in other sports. Archery is also great because you can choose between many different bow types and what kind of division you want to shoot and compete in with 3D, target and field. There is a lot of variation that I like. 

In my barebow years I’ve shot with the Fenrir Limbs and the Gungnir shafts which worked out pretty well for me. With the compound I’m going to try out the Tyrfing shafts especially for 3D. 

When I started to compete in international competitions DK-Bowfactory had started to release the Gungnir shafts which got my interest. I needed thin and quick arrows to optimize my shooting and when I tried them they worked pretty well. I also liked the feeling in my shots with the Fenrir limbs which is why they became a part of my setup. 

 I love everything with Lord of the Rings.