Meloni Eleonora

My name is Eleonora Meloni, I’m from Italy, Sardinia and I shoot barebow in the senior class.
During my experience in archery, since 2014, I’ve won twice in a row the European field championship in the junior class and with the winning of the Italian championship title overall, these are my best achievements in archery.
I’ve liked archery from the first moment because of the feelings that it gives.
I really like shooting thinking about this pleasure feeling of shooting a good arrow, and this is one of the reasons why I continue to do it!
I’m using the DK arrows, the Gungnir. These are the lightest and fastest arrows on the market and are used by the best archers in Europe and also in the World so there is nothing I can add more than this. The products are amazing!
I really like DK because it stands out from the crowd, first of all for the good interactions with you and your interest to us, that most of the other brands doesn’t have and I really appreciate it!
I decides to use your products for the quality and because I always heard good things about them.
I shoot since 2014, when I was 12 yo, now I’m 21 yo.
There are too much fun facts to talk about because I’m a mess and I forgot always something especially during the important competitions.
One time I didn’t realize that I broke my rest right before the overall matches at the Italian field championship, so I did al the matches with the broken rest and I also won!