David Jackson

Years of shooting : 19

Greatest achievement: winning 3 consecutive individual gold medals in 3D and Field in 2019 and 2022 at the World championships

What I like about archery : I wish to master archery and I love walking that path. To master this game requires to master myself, physically and mentally. Through this mastery comes a lot of mental suffering but also overcoming my fears, growing as a person, the joy of achievements and Generally, learning to get happier.

What DK products I use:
At the moment I use the Gungnir shafts, I shot the panthers indoor last 2 years and I shot the Fenrir limbs for 3 years.

What I like about them:
The Gungnirs are the lightest shafts on the market for spine 600 and below. They are perfect for field and 3D as they allow me to shoot a quite heavy points and still get a light, front heavy arrow, giving me nice speed and accuracy. Having fest arrows is great to reduce the gaps between distances on my tab in case of range finding mistakes. The thin diameter is also great for poor weather conditions and long distance shooting.