Zibrandt Christensen

Traditionel for 11 years and switched to barebow this season.
In 2017 i became world champion in Traditionel class at word archery event in Robion in France
I love the fresh air the people. The fine tuning of equipment and the hunt for the perfect shot and then learning to duplicate it 👌
Fenrir lims long 30# . I draw them to 35.5# on 27"riser
Arrows are Tyrfing spine 700 31 "

I really like the Fenrir lims because of their smooth feel in the draw yet have a feeling that it wants to get out of fingers, which gives me a more clean release. They are above average i speed and can handle light Arrows and still be very quiet 🤫
Fenrir spine 700 arrows . Love the consistency of the spine and weight 👌 The low gpi allows for low weight arrows with a good foc which gives fast stable arrows 💪🏹